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Two guys who know how to put on a show.
But without the soap they'd be on skid row.
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Bubble-Time Accolades


"We were very pleased to have 'Bubble Time!' join us and you brought us an amazing show."

Heber Villegas
Control de Programación
Festival Internacional Chihuahua, México


"Casey and Doug's duo creation is terrific. A mix of lovable comic characters fused with bubble magic to make a show that is captivating and fun for audiences of all ages. And the show's universal appeal brought lots of new faces to our theater!"

Elliott Forrest, Artistic Director
Riverspace Arts in Nyack, NY

Blue Orange Productions

"What Doug and Casey did with bubbles was beyond our expectations. And the way they are so funny together, with and without the bubbles, made the show that much better for everyone"

- Mr. Vineet Dujodwala, co-producer
Blue Orange Entertainment, Mumbai

Ivoryton Playhouse

"Children, Parents and Grandparents alike were wowed at Casey Carle's newest show"Bubble-Time!" With fellow bubble zany Doug Rougeux it's TWICE as many bubbles, TWICE as funny and TWICE as spectacular! We were thrilled to host the world premier performance."

- Beverly Galpin, Artistic Director
The Ivoryton Playhouse, Ivoryton, CT.

Appleseed Productions

"Doug Rougex and Casey Carle were a joy to work with and watching them perform Bubble Time was like watching the dawn of a new art form! Our audiences loved the show, kids and adults alike. We look forward to having them come back and perform for us again."

- Jon Wilson, Artistic Director
Appleseed Productions, Syracuse, NY

Star Gazette

"One acclaimed master of the soap bubble would be enough for an intriguing day at the theater. But "Bubble Time," which comes to the Clemens Center on Saturday, matches two giants in the world of sudsy entertainment." [Read the entire article]

- Article Reprint
The Star Gazette

Doudna Fine Arts Center, Eastern Illinois University "The guys were great to work with, very professional and friendly, and the show was a delight! We saw many new faces enjoying the antics and bubble spectacular. A huge thank you for helping us draw wider and new audiences to the Center! Thanks!"

- Dwight Vaught, Director, Doudna Fine Arts Center, Eastern Illinois University

The Daily Eastern News "A unique bubble show that incorporates slap-stick, comedy and music to produce a 'circus of soap... grandparents were acting like kids"

- The Daily Eastern News, Charleston, IL

Journal Gazzette and Times Courer "Casey Carle and Doug Rougeux of "Bubble Time" are funny guys who know how to entertain kids - and adults - without speaking a word...pantomime experts, with body language that would make a Toastmaster proud!" [Read the entire article]

- Journal Gazzette and Times Courer, Mattoon, IL

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