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Two guys who know how to put on a show.
But without the soap they'd be on skid row.
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CASEY CARLE is "Yesac Elrac The Bubblemaniac", a bubble artist extraordinaire with a flair for showmanship and infectious energy for bubbling - from the intricate and mesmerizing to the massive and jaw-dropping

Casey Carle is a native of upstate NY and graduated cum laude from S.U.N.Y. Geneseo with a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Drama and also from The Ringling Bros. Clown College with a B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fun Arts!). Casey has worked professionally in theatre, on and off stage, since 1985. In 1990 he went solo with BubbleMania!. In 2008 he launched Bubble Time! with Doug Rougeux.

Based on experience and talent he has:

  • been chosen by Cirque du Soleil to act as their consultant on soap bubble based routines for their artistic teams.
  • has been a featured on The Discovery Channel's "Daily Planet" and The Science Channel's upcoming "Physics of the Impossible" with Michio Kaku.
  • been crowned Champion Bubble Artist after a 5 day competition of leading soap bubble artists which was televised to tens of millions of viewers on Japan's Nippon TV's most popular program: TV Champion.
  • acted as Bubble Consultant/Technician on national TV marketing campaigns for Baileys Irish Cream and Pepsi Co.
  • been featured at The Lucille Ball Festival of New Comedy, making his mark along side other "cutting edge" comics nationwide.
  • earned a "Teacher's Choice Award" from Learning Magazine as co-author of "BubbleOlogy: A Hands-On Science Kit" (Time-Warner Books).
  • been featured in a book and telecast entitled: Positively Connecticut by Diane Smith and also featured in "Family Fun" Magazine" (Disney Publication) and SCOPE Magazine for Teens (Scholastic Press).

Casey's act brought a "new dimension" to Ringling's 3-ring circus where he made history by being the first ever circus performer in the world to encase people in a soap bubble. His outstanding scientific and edu-tainment achievements have been recognized by science and children's museums coast to coast including The Smithsonian Institute.

As a theater veteran he has portrayed roles in a variety of genres for touring companies and in regional theaters, with a resume that includes over 40 productions as actor, director, stage manager or producer.

He lives in rural East Haddam, CT with his wife, Kandie, who performs her own single-person show "Victorian Lady: Dressing From Corset to Gloves". They are also founders of The East Haddam Stage Company.


DOUG ROUGEUX is "Bub", the gentle, bumbling, clever "everyman" character doing his best to keep the show flowing smoothly but instead discovers many ways to turn common and unusual items into amazing manipulators of spherical liquids until he's trapping people in giant bubbles using a simple hula hoop.

Doug Rougeux lives in a suburb of Syracuse, NY and has toured solo performing Casey's "BubbleMania!" since 1991. Along with with an ongoing acting career he has performed in 40 states and in Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

He is a graduate of The University of Buffalo in Media Studies and of The Ringling Bros. Clown College, after which he toured nationally with the Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus for two years.

As a theater veteran he has acted in scores of productions ranging from family theater and farces to dramas, musicals and interactive murder mysteries. In addition to acting his theater background includes directing, movement/stunt coach and slapstick instructor.

Doug has won two Theater Association of New York State Awards: Excellence in Acting (The Dining Room) and a Merit Award for stunt choreography.

As an actor he has portrayed major roles in over 20 productions including A Christmas Carol, The Dining Room, Lend Me a Tenor, Moon Over Buffalo, My Fair Lady, Noises Off, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, Run For Your Wife and You Can't Take it With You.

Production companies that have recognized his talent for the stage include: The Acme Mystery Co., Appleseed Productions, Armory Square Playhouse, Baldwinsville Theatre Guild, Binghamton Juggling Institute, Contemporary Theater of Syracuse, Cortland Repertory Theater, Landis & Co. Theater of Magic, and Salt City Center for the Performing Arts,

As an entertainer his corporate clients include Alcoa, Carrier, Anheuser-Busch,Coca-Cola, Kodak, Old Navy, Wal-Mart and Xerox.

Notable venues that have showcased his skills include:
The South Lawn of the White House, Madison Square Garden, The San Francisco Cow Palace, The New Orleans Super Dome, The World Financial Center NYC, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, The Buffalo Museum of Science, The Strong National Museum of Play, The Museum of Science and Technology, Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Eastman School of Music and The Syracuse Opera.

Doug is creator, co-creator or original cast member of Takeo Fujikura Mime, The Loons, The Comedy Juggling Show, Bubbling & Juggling & Mime, The Juggling Quartet, Off The Cuff Comedy, Tales of the Canal, Don't Feed the Actors Improv Troupe and with Casey Carle: Bubble Time: The Dawn of Undiluted Joy!

Casey & Doug

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