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Two guys who know how to put on a show.
But without the soap they'd be on skid row.
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Bubble-Time in India!

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February 2009

Casey Carle is Connecticut's own bubble expert. His popular "BubbleMania!" has been amazing and amusing New England families and schools since 1992. His soapy skills have taken him far beyond the borders of his home state with a credit list that includes Mexico, Japan, China, Dubai and Singapore.

His newest show "Bubble Time: The Dawn of Undiluted Joy!", with fellow bubble zany Doug Rougeux, completed a two-week, 14-show tour in India meeting with giggles and grins in Mumbai (Bombay) and New Delhi.

Producing company and tour host, Blue Orange Entertainment, PVT, LTD of Mumbai, was pleased with the way the show crossed cultural barriers and appealed to every age in attendance.

"The citizens of Mumbai and Delhi have never seen ANYTHING like this before, we were happy to bring such a different and fun show to our communities. Due to it's success here, we have been approached to help produce "Bubble Time" in other countries."
  Mrs. Komul Dujodwala, founding producer
  Blue Orange Entertainment
  Mumbai, India

In Mumbai the show played at the Sophia Bhabha Hall on the Sophia College campus. In attendance at one showing was the Indian Consul General to The United States and his family.

In New Delhi the show played at the government managed Siri Fort Auditorium Complex with many high ranking police and military personal and their families popping in for the performances.

Carle and Rougeux demonstrated manipulations of soap bubbles previously unseen in this part of the world, bringing a new form of stage "magic' to a country known for its mystique.

Their character-driven, theatrical presentation created audible gasps with fog filled bubble sculptures and excited bursts of applause for surprisingly huge bubbles. Many of their routines are unique even by professional bubbling standards, including an interactive bubble ping pong act, a mountain of foam that becomes an dancing snowman as well as serpents of bubble tubes propelled across stage by electric fans attached to the chest's of the performers. Part of the one grand finale included surrounding a family of three in a giant soap bubble!

"Seeing smiling dads holding their happy children while being encased in a bubble is the kind of unique 'bonding' that Blue Orange is dedicated to providing", said Mr. Dujodwala, adding that "this made the event even more successful as a way to create lasting memories for the entire family."

India Tour Photos

"What Doug and Casey did with bubbles was beyond our expectations. And the way they are so funny together, with and without bubbles, made the show that much better for everyone."
  Mr. Vineet Dujodwala
  Blue Orange Entertainment
  Mumbai, India

After a wonderful time in India off we go to Mexico!.

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