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Two guys who know how to put on a show.
But without the soap they'd be on skid row.
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Bubble-Time in Mexico!

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It started with a polite, proper, professional inquiry:

"Festival International Chihuahua, cordially requests the requirements of 'Bubble Time's' performance in order to take it into consideration for Festival 2011"

It became a fantastic, first-rate phenomenon!
  • 20,000 excited people over three cities filling venues to capacity.
  • Masses of excited people eager to see this new and appealing form of bubble entertainment.
  • Parents, kids and grandparents sneaking under the tent flaps, grinning with the premature sense of success only to be gently returned to wait in line with the others.
  • Media reporters by the dozens waiting - with only slightly more patience than celebrity paparazzi - for a chance to interview the stars of the show!
Needless to say we (and our egos) were thrilled and had a great time sharing our stage show with the warm and engaging audiences in this northern region of Mexico.

"We were very pleased to have 'Bubble Time!' join us and you brought us an amazing show."
  Heber Villegas
  Control de Programación
  Festival Internacional Chihuahua, México

Mexico Tour Photos

El divertido espectaculo que ofrecio BubbleTime mantuvo entretenidos a todos. Chicos y grandes rieron mientras gigantescas burbujas los rodeaban. - El Diario

(The amusing spectacle of BubbleTime kept everyone entertained. Children and adults laughed as giant bubbles surrounded them.)

Mexico Tour Press

This Festival is known as one of the major cultural festivals in the country. For many years it has offered a wide variety of artistic events from dance and theater to music and multi-disciplinary performances.

  • Never before have they hosted a theatrical bubble show.
  • Never before have they dealt with such overwhelming crowds.
  • Never again will they underestimate the appeal of a pair of comic bubble masters!
We were, in all frankness, humbled by the experience and honored to have been invited.

Shortly after our return the success and reputation from this festival brought requests for our talents near Cancun, Mexico and at a similar festival in Aguascalientes Mexico, in which we plan to take part in 2013.

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