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Two guys who know how to put on a show.
But without the soap they'd be on skid row.
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Bubble-Time Venue Supply List

For venues within driving range of Connecticut or previous gig:

  • Sound System with input for ipod or computer
  • Lighting System –general plot supplied, to be detailed later
  • Lighting Designer/Technician to execute lighting
  • Ushers to maintain appropriate house behavior
  • Box Office Personnel
  • Stage set up time: 2 hours
  • Tech time: 1 - 2 hours
  • Tear down time: 90 minutes
  • Man Power needed: Light technician, Sound technician, 1-2 stage crew members for set up and tear down.
  • Towels (new, 100% cotton) 6 hand towels, 6 bath towels. Color does not matter. They will be used for wiping up soap residue from props and tarps during and after the run. Venue can choose to wash and keep them.
  • 1 new mop and 1 new bucket with wringer. “New” to avoid contaminates to pro bubble mix
  • 12 AA batteries
  • One dressing room for cast of two. With shower and bathroom or nearby. Paper towels not air dryers.
  • 6 banquet style tables or equivalent surfaces for prop cases during load in and out.
  • Extension cords and quad boxes as needed. Up to 4 of each depending on venue.
Additional needs for U.S. venues that require air travel:

The show ships in 8, 50-lb suitcases, plus the advance shipping of special liquid ingredients for professional bubble formulas. Specifics dictated per engagement.

  • 4-10 gallons of DISTILLED water for bubble formula. Final quantity determined by number of shows
  • 1 electric upright fan on stand (photo to be supplied)
  • 1-3 party-sized Helium tanks with nozzle for filling balloons (photo to be supplied) Final quantity determined by number of shows
  • Optional - 2 electric box fans for blowing bubbles out into audience at the end of the show

Additional needs for international venues:

  • 4 AC adapters – converting local power to American 3 prong 120 volt 60hz

Questions, please contact:

Todd Little
Show Manager

Or Casey Carle

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